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Here are some photos of LIX in action over the past years:

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"Paint the Town" Fundraiser, July 30, 2011:





Thanks, Cindy and Wyatt, for the photos.


Havre de Grace Independence Day Celebration, July 3, 2011:








Thanks, Leo Heppner Photography, for the photos.



Drummer's View,  Thanks, Steve, for the photos.





Thanks, Michelle, for the photos.








Thanks, Dave, for the photos.


 Wedding, Vandiver Inn, Havre de Grace, June 2011:




Thanks for the photos Positive Images by Rettburg.


St. Valentine's Day Dance and Fundraiser for North East, MD High School Band, February 12, 2011:



Thanks, Steve, for the photo.


SAL Dance, January 29, 2011:


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Thanks, Dave, for the photos.


Teen Town Reunion, August 28, 2010:  






Thanks, Jay, for the photos.


Private Pool Party, July 2010:






Thanks, Jay, for the photos.


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